JT’s Foodland

Some comments on the place.

Jt’s is a legend on the south side of St. Paul (it’s actually called West St. Paul but trust us, it’s south). It’s what places like Mcdonalds would have been if they didn’t need to serve billions and billions of hamburgers. Great burgers in the white castle style but with the Lion’s Tap place appeal. Not much seating at the cafeteria-style booths and tables but we easily found the non-smoking booth and had a quick burger. This must be a great place to get a burger or six in warmer weather. We initially had planned to spend the full evening here but due to the lack of brew and lack of seating we had a few burgers as an aperitif before heading to Red’s Savoy again for a savory pizza.

Some comments on the help

These people are remarkably friendly. We saw many locals stop by to pick up some burgers to go and we were pleased to see that they have a burger delivery service. A happy place with a simple mission, keep it real but not too raw.

The food, the food.

Simple burgers and supporting fried food. Very good and very cheap. Makes you wish that this place were on your way home from work!

Other things we think you should know.

This place is small. Looks like a tiny rambler from the 50’s. Look for it on the east side of the road with a clearly 50’s style rocket-post and star near the road. After eating you might get the temptation to find the last drive-in picture show in town. Note- no beer here.

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