Red Savoy’s Pizza (original location)

Some comments on the place.

You walk in the door and the long line of men at the bar lean forward to get a look at you. After a flashback from the first star wars movie you make it through the entryway and see the large restaurant filled with friendly looking people. The place is jumping and the smell is wonderful. A quirky place on a quirky corner of st. Paul this is the pizza destination in the twin cities. At least it is if you’re not looking for some uptown goat’s-cheese tofu creation. I know we weren’t as we settled down in the booth.

We returned recently with honorary GNO fellow Scott (brad’s brother in law by attitude) and continued to find the place wonderful. How can a joint that serves its pizza on cafeteria trays be wrong? And again, we have yet to miss on waitresses. Ours was fabulous. – tipped out at 20%- she was that good.

Some comments on the help.

It is always refreshing to see staff that runs the full range of ages. You just know that some of these people grew up working in this neighborhood and others are working to move on. I’m pleased to report that all staff had some form of grease on their aprons.

The food, the food.

Remarkable pizza. Savory sauces, chewy cheeses, mouthwatering meat, crispy crust. Damn it was good! Not for the faint of blood vessels. We recommend beer by the pitcher to keep the arteries open.

Other things we think you should know.

A small tight lot behind the place often has a space open. On-street parking after hours is plentiful. Just up the road (Payne) is the Yarusso Brothers Italian place. Look for a review sometime in the future.

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