Lion’s Tap

A bit of a local legend this place is as friendly as it gets.  Seems a bit minimalist while you’re there but the overall experience is good.

Some comments on the place.

This is a great place for a quick burger and fries with a beverage of your choice. Often busy and requiring a wait we went later in the evening and had no problem getting a seat. There is a real family feel to the place.

Some comments on the help.

Helpful and quick enough the staff was more pleasant than we have seen lately. Nothing out of the ordinary on the night we visited but then, nothing to complain about either.

The food, the food.

Imagine a hamburger that is red in the middle. Fresh ground burgers are way good on any planet. Don’t know how they do it but the taste was great. Side dishes were not exceptional but adequate.

Other things we think you should know.

Paper plates!  Often very busy during meal hours.

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