Buffalo Tap

The manager smiled as we walked in, perhaps knowing that a group like us would be sure to test the menu and generate a small economic recovery project for the town of Savage.  The setting was cabin lodge and the place looked to be recently remodeled. Families, couples, and small groups nearly filled the place and we had noticed in the past that the parking lot is often near full as we drive by.  Don’t let the slow new flash-enabled web site fool you, this is a down-home kinda place. Bathrooms were way beyond our expectations and experience. I believe the floor was even level!


Good service throughout the night that varied from the new waiter with attitude to the manager himself. The barkeep talked a bit of trash our way making us feel right at home. Truly a friendly little corner.


GREAT burgers including all forms of Lucy. Not a one of us was disappointed in the food they got. My choice was the El Diablo Burger and it still has me smiling. We had DMC coupons for three of the meals, unfortunately they only accept one card per table. Luckily the manager was standing nearby and gave the nod for the new guy to give us the three discounts. Yet, somehow the bill from this place was the largest bill we have seen! More than the German joint in the woods, more than the upscale Uptown bar, more even than the Farmington Steak House (sorry, no surprise there).  Seems the beers are a bit pricey and the appetizers were better sampled. Tasty happy hour beers are $7.00- $7.50. We missed happy hour and will not make the mistake again.


Don’t let the parking lot you can see from the highway throw you. The main parking is behind the building. Did you know that Savage got its name from the owner of the famous race horse Dan Patch? Things to learn at the Minnesota History Center.

Let’s take a sample of the GRE together: Buffalo Tap is to The Frenchman as Sally Field (Gidget) was to _____?  Good answers include Barbarella, Klute, Lara Croft

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