Cedar Inn


We had driven by this place often and Isaac suggested that it would be good for us to get back to our roots after too many places that seemed similar and safe.  Although safety was never an issue the place provided plenty of atmosphere. Our first greeting was from on one the drunks at the back table. He was selling raffle tickets for the Cedar Inn drinking club. Next was the pool hall Nascar lights hanging about the place and not a pool table in sight. There was a cook on duty and the barkeep who would come whenever we would wave him down. The back table was the hotspot as the group grew to a half-dozen regulars by the time we left. In an economical mood they where ordering pitchers, but not sharing with each other. Fortunately all were certainly in the neighborhood and wouldn’t be behind the wheel.


Two guys working the place. The barkeep took the orders and the cook cooked, delivered, and cleaned up.  Both were friendly but the place had that strange feel that the crowd at the back was running the place.  The barkeep offered some advice when we were leaving. He said, “You guys will be coming back won’t you? The loudmouth in the back doesn’t always get a weekend pass”. I assume he meant to add ‘from his wife”. A real local feel that we had not seen in several outings.


The wings are huge and delicious. You get the entire large wing not some silly drummy or some genetically engineered boneless thing. We got the buffalo version and thought they where outstanding, worth the trip all alone. The menu was a good bar menu and the crew enjoyed everything. Kyle tried the “world famous” quarter chicken and enjoyed it greatly. Others tried various burgers and were satisfied.  After placing the oder the barkeep came back and yelled “Did you want frozen or fresh potatoes?”  We looked at each other and wondered if it was code for something. A shrug or two later and we yelled back “fresh”. He muttered something and told the cook. The food was good and it was reasonably cheep.


There is a small parking lot and outdoor seating during warmer times. The outdoor seating may be difficult as we saw a steady parade of back table occupants walking to the outdoor tables to get in a quick smoke. Bathroom is small but level with no strange dusts on the floor this time. Payment reminded me of buying albums at the Old Positively Fourth Street near the U. In the evening the cashers were so stoned that you would often purchase four albums and be charged for one.  Here the barkeep was our friend, but we made up the difference in a solid tip. Our guess is that it went to purchase pitchers for the back table crew.

The bigger question, did this place outclass the Frenchman as the most base neighborhood bar we have seen? Perhaps the comments below will tell.

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