Anchor Fish and Chips [side trip]

A few of us decided to try the place that’s rated as the best fish and chips in the region. Our quest took us to the Anchor Fish and Chips Shop in Minneapolis. Wonderful night out! The fish was breaded with a flavorful breading that was: not heavy, not tasteless, and not made with oil from last week! The chips were good and on the recommendation of Kyle we got the curry sauce as a dip for the chips- good call.

We had a great waitress that seemed to honestly enjoy the work, and why not. The place was really upbeat with a combination of neighbors, suits getting off work, and general population like ourselves. The place got busy by seven with a waiting line of about six. But, things seem to turn over quickly enough that everyone found a seat within ten minutes.

The menu is wonderfully sparse with a noble but brief beer list as well. The place claims that they cannot serve beer without a meal. If anyone knows of this Minneapolis code please fill us in. Bell’s, Harp, and others fill the list. The menu has all you need, no veggie options if you are looking for primary protein

Meals were around $8-$10. A good value in a place like this. No reservations about returning to this place.  The charter school across the street is somewhat famous in the cities and the steeple a block down the road is remarkable. Bring the camera if you are inclined that way.

By the way, we will return some weekend morning for the breakfast. reminders of the Scottish meals we had on the island. Eggs, black pudding and sausage, fried tomatoes with mushrooms, and of course-baked beans. We will return.

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