Lucky’s 13 Pub – Mendota

Our curiosity got the better of us as we ventured up to Mendota to check out the relatively new Lucky’s 13 Pub.  On the only main corner in town this location used to house an establishment that found at least one of us playing pool in younger years and having a cool tasteless brew in a ten ounce glass not more than a few years back. The reconstruction is great and the warehouse look works well.

A long bar on one half and restaurant on the other greet you as you enter. The bar was busy at 6:00 and looked to be a mixture of suits on the way home from work and stiffs doing about the same. The staff was upbeat and seemed to like working the crowd. We opted for the restaurant and a large table. Many tables of 3-4 friends, one family, some couples and some that looked like they might have just landed at Pig’s Eye. Good music and background sounds.

But let’s get to the task. We were told that this place was somehow related to the Axel’s restaurants (nice places) and the Bonfire’s (still haven’t figured out the bar seating) in the twin cities. We think not. Might be just a rumor. Nonetheless, this place had easily the most awesome hamburger selection in the Cites. Not some silly sixty-hamburger list but a good selection of offerings that covered the ground. AND ALL were great. Not a miss on the order. The beers were varied and met all our needs from the hop-dependent Ike to the British Bitter fan that is Brad. Appetizers were creative and tasty with plenty of spice. The wait staff was upbeat and around enough that no plate nor glass stayed empty for long. Seriously- a good night of food and fun.

The downside was the cost. We usually can spend an evening eating, drinking, and talking smart – when the check arrives it is easy to dig in the pocket and toss out what is due. When this one arrived we had to swallow hard, and it wasn’t just the after-burn of the great buffalo sauce. The cost rivaled the Buffalo Tap in Savage and I still cringe when I drive by that place. I checked back on the Luckys 13 website to see if the menu had been altered to adjust things down a bit but at this time the menu is no longer on the site. Just some dead links. Looks like another version of the place may be open in Bloomington. Maybe things will change- check the site to see.

Often we have stories about the bathrooms that we use at the places we visit. There was the bathroom in Richfield where the lines of something white on the counter lead us to wonder about the giddy feeling we had after eating and the place in Minneapolis where the bathroom floor had a 10 degree angle as measured by the iPod Level app. No such issues here. the Head is upscale. An old-guy mannequin holding a towel would be a fitting addition.

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