Granite City Brewery [side trip]

Recently two of us were entertaining two friends from Sweden needing a place to find dinner before heading over to the university to listen to Hans Rosling. To our surprise the Swedish women were aware of this blog and wanted to go to a place like those we review. We were in the western ‘burbs around 5:00 so traffic back into town was rough.  We decided to stop by the local Granite City Brewery.

The two of us had stopped at the Roseville location shortly after it arrived in the area. At that time it seemed pricey and not exceptional. We were excited to see how it had adapted over the years.

Happy to report that the burger/ sandwich selection was outstanding and each one sampled was very good. The Swedes felt the portions were too big which translates into just the right amount of food for us. The home-brews were good as well. The bock was surprisingly traditional, so many Bocks today are seriously flawed attempts at something Bock should never be. The Granite City Bock was the kind of thing you once could only buy at Easter time. Tasty.

I should mention that when staying with a Swedish family during the COP15 conference I started eating my first dinner only to look up and see the family children staring in horror. Seems our way of holding and using a fork is a bit barbaric over there. The setting was repeated at the Granite City as Isaac was frozen in amazement watching the women eat their hamburgers with a fork and knife. Only a tea-partier would fail to see the humor in the diversity of ways to get food into the mouth.

Even when eating peas!

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