Burger Moe’s

It had been way too long since we ventured across the stream to St. Paul. Fortunately one of our members was flying down Seventh Street recently and proclaimed that some building had a burger painted on the chimney and that we ought to stop. Enjoying a good proclamation from  time to time we decided to meet at Burger Moes on Seventh near downtown.

We have been on string of hits lately but had been noticing that most of the beer and burger places were starting to look the same. Nonetheless we crossed the threshold and took up seats near the back. The barkeep/ waiter was story-filled and with a great knowledge of local brews. His command of small Wisconsin breweries was surprisingly solid. Anyone who can list the hits and misses from New Glarus is god-like in our book.

The place was about half-full on a Monday night at 6:00. But then, none of the local places looked too packed as we walked by. Parking out back was nice. The small lot next to the pub was a good thought at one time. A great beer list with plenty of local representation and priced fairly. Wonderful burger list. Not as silly-long as Lucky’s was and with a better range than most.

The Denny was a remarkable pile of goodness from the tasty beef to the fried egg.  This is the kind of food you eat just before the diagnosis of clogged arteries, hypertension, cholesterol overshoot or oncoming diabetes. It is a wonder to hold and a treasure to consume. Well done Moe, well done.

The other burgers were similarly well received. The Black and Blue was true to its genetics and had a decidedly tastier grind of beef than we have been eating. We did sample the appetizers as well. Happy to report that the ring of onion was well above average. Onion rings have been so disappointing lately that we were not going to order them again. But then we remembered, we always order onion rings. Say La Vee.

So the final analysis says look for a good evening out at a place with tasty brew, intelligent staff, and good bar food on the menu. Seemed like a hit all around. We like the St. Paul stop so much that we walked over to Cossetta’s and had some desert. Mighty nice. We should also mention that the original plan had us spending some time at the remarkable Seven Corners Hardware before eating. Sadly, we ran out of time and somehow they closed for the day. We’ll check it out some other time.

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