The Old Fashioned – Madison Side Trip

MadisonSo, I’m in town for a conference that starts early tomorrow and it is today. Dinner will have to be out and about but- NO problem, I’m in Madison, Wisconsin! The last time I was here State Street was starting to look like Haight-Ashbury- very corporate. So, decided to take the advice of a good friend and sample the Cuisine of one of the businesses on Capitol Square. Madison has this phenomenal design with the Capitol building having four entrances and large green spaces in all the corners. The “two-blocks on a side” square surrounding it comtains a collection of street vendors, museums, bars, banks and protestors. Plenty to protest in Wisconsin politics today.

To the point, I went to the Old Fashioned on the square. It claims to be authentically Wisconsin in fare and Feng Shui so I stepped over the cow-pie on the sidewalk and entered. The place was hopping as I was seated at the loser bench- solo males all with the same conference folder. Made friends quickly and when Pauline came to take the beverage order I had received plenty of advice about the 150 beers available.  Woody’s Wheat from Sand Creek was my first choice.  When Woody arrived I was drawn into the Heirloom Tomato BLT with FRESH mozzarella cheese and a side salad with the house bourbon vinaigrette dressing.

The BLT arrived followed by Kiss The Lips IPA by Lake Louise Brewing. Great BLT!! Seriously Great. The couple who had been mistakenly seated next to me with their Viola case  had ordered the BLT and the mighty house hamburger.  Both were so good they had to each eat half of each to stay in the relationship. Bottom line- worth the stop. Prices were very reasonable and the food was varied. Help was pleasant and helpful and appeared to be mostly UWMadison students. I will have to return some time.

A final note. My grandfather was from Wisconsin and his favorite drink was the Old Fashioned. As a kid I often thought that his rosy cheeks were from all the cherries he had eaten in his drinks. I’m sure it is a tribute to grandpa that this place has SIX Old Fashions on the menu.  Back in Minnesota a barkeep would need to look at a book to figure out how to make one.  Final proof of Wisconsin Feng Shui, they have MANY jars of pickled eggs just waiting for your lips and stomach.  Need I say more?

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