Biblical Ribs- Adam’s included!

As the sun sets on August 27 participants at the second rib cook-off are smiling with pork satisfaction. Seven cooks (including Adam) and seventeen judges showed for this year’s event. The cloudy weather spit some rain but the hearty carnivores barely moved. Some fear of potential sauce dilution was discussed and dismissed. Cookers were set ablaze from noon to 1:30 with two of the top three finishers in the smoke for over four hours. Recipes will be posted soon but here’s a quick update from the day.  First some rib facts:

  • 4/7 used a brine, in the top three finishers only #2 brined
  • 6/7 used a rub, the non-rubbed ribs placed #2.
  • 4/7 used sauces, in the top three finishers only #3 avoided sauce
  • benzopyrene is a component of smoke in smokers

The mix of types of ribs was great this year with everything from dry rub only to the full monty mop and slop. Heat varied as well with most of the ribs eschewing heat this year for a more savory mix although at least two packed a wonderful bit of spicy warmth. Five o’clock was the cut and plate time and the collection of ribs on cookie sheets was nothing short of awesome. Once all the cooks had plated enough for the judges and the crowd we stood around the piles of remaining ribs and grazed. All ribs were great with no two ribs tasting even close to the same.

We’ll post the recipes soon along with some comments from the judges on each recipe. This year the cooking of the ribs seemed to count as much as the flavors added to them (including the smoke). We’ll be sure to relate cooking tips for those of you looking to get to the grill. A change in rules for next year will allow any judge from one year to cook in the next year’s competition.

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