Thirsty bear in San Francisco


While attending MacWorld in San Francisco a couple of us had the chance to sample a few local establishments. Here’s the review of one of them.

We walked past the Thirsty Bear one night when looking for a place to eat but the line was quite long. It’s proximity to the Moscone Center most likely draws many at the end of the conference day. Fortunately, a late lunch on Saturday was not a problem. Good thing as we had taken a two mile walk in the morning to the farmers market on pier three to get coffee before the conference and the stomachs were empty.

Isaac had a cheese and pepper sandwich dripping with butter and I had their pork and lamb burger. Both were very tasty and at a good price, especially at a place within a half mile of downtown and of the financial district. The sandwich was served with greens and vinaigrette and the burger with homemade fries. No complaints about either although the burger at Gather in Berkeley the night before was even better. Both places had a list of farms that each food was raised on and it certainly beat the supermarket and big box meats we have been eating lately. Good to have something that needs no seasoning to have flavor.

The help was attentive and upbeat. We have had great service everywhere in San Fran except at Lefty Odoul’s- but if the service had been too good at Lefty’s the place would have lost much charm. As I think about it that Pakistani-Indian place was a bit cool as well. More later.

At the Bear we sampled an IPA, an ESB, and a barrel aged dark ale. All brewed on site and all very good representatives of the species. The ESB, however, was a bit dark with some overtones of porter but was still very nice.

We’ll see if we can get a couple more reviews of San Francisco stops up in the next day or so.

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