Pat’s Tap in South Minneapolis

Inspired by their connection to the Star Prairie Trout Farm and recommended by several members, we made our way to Pat’s Tap on Nicollet and 35th in Minneapolis. A mere 103 blocks from Brad and six blocks or so from Isaac and Jeff. Very tasty, great selection of brews, yet a bit on the upper end of the mancuisine credit card limits.

Only four were able to make the event this time. One was working downstream on the MIssissippi about 100 miles, one was grouting, one somehow missed the announcements and plethora of emails, and one ended up in Chicago and surprised to get the “where are you” email. Nonetheless, the four of us who found our way through the Nicollet Ave. construction had a fine time.

Pat’s used to be called Casey’s and, in fact, when you do a Google Streetview of the place you get a fine look at Casey’s. The outside has not changed much with the exception of a clear lack of Shamrock in the color scheme and some serious construction on Nicollet. . Nice place inside with a bar, separate seating for tables, a patio, and a small skee-ball/ pinball room (free). The tables inside filled quickly during the 6:00 -8:00 time on Monday  but there was still seating outside on the patio. We had a great bench on the interface between the bar and eating area. The help was friendly, frequent and knowledgeable about the solid and liquid offerings. Not a loud establishment at this time of night but others have written about noise levels on the weekend.

The food was top notch. We had the Wisconsin fried curds with some kind of British ketsup sauce and fried beans with a great ginger dip.  Sandwiches varied form the well reviewed bacon burger (easily up to the review-Doug finished it in a heartbeat) to the cheeseburger , the pork terrine, and the Rachel. Every one was a hit. The pork had some kind of zesty salsa on it, maybe that’s what terrine means- well recommended by Trev. Many of the foods listed where the food came from and, for the most part, this place has some serious Wisconsin connection. Hopefully it has little to do with union bashing.

It was a pleasant visit with no complaints about the place. The bill was a bit of a surprise. With tip, the four of us managed a couple apps, dinner burgers, and two pints apiece for a total of $132. Not our usual night out. We’ll have to verify this but Pat’s may be our new highest per-person outing, replacing the Buffalo Tap in Savage.

Nonetheless, a fine evening. Our next outing will be with the prospective Rib Cook-off judges evaluating their qualifications: beer selection, familiarity with Douglas Adams, disgust with post-modern relativism and general zietgiests. Looking for a spot in the mid to south metro- any suggestions?

Rib cook-off is scheduled for September 1. Comment for an invite.

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