Side trip to Wyoming

So, the need to visit a real saloon got to be too great. Kyle and I decided to travel to Rock Springs, Wyoming to check out the saloon at the Outlaw Inn. Perfect setting with the only wait staff in the room having been at the job for a few decades and the locals collecting about the bar in cowboy boots and hats.

No taps but a reasonable lager from up the highway and the never miss Sam Adams lager available by the bottle- don’t think of asking for a glass. The music was a curious but good blend of classic rock and current country with our favorite being the country classic “but I just want to talk about me”.

the food
The chef downstairs at the restaurant made the meal and did not disappoint, although our Mancuisine pals may be less than happy with us. Rather than the usual burgers and fried goodness we went for a German trout platter and a blackened chicken Caesar salad. Both were great and will sit well with us during the long day in the car ahead. Turns out the cook invents something he’s never made before every Thursday and the Trout was this week’s offering. Served with thin potato pancakes and a curious mix of cabbage, tomato, and other stuff it really hit the spot.

Although the gal at the bar did ask what salad dressing we wanted on the Caesar salad she was great in all respects. Especially given that’s he had not been able to sneak outside for a smoke for the last three hours (as told to hotel staff stopping in for a beer before going home).

Given that last night we ate at a Mexican place called Carlos O’Kelly’s in Lincoln, NE (that’s right- O’Kelly’s) at least the outlaw name on the saloon seemed appropriate.

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