Wrap- up of the side trip to California

To wrap up the run west I’ve got a happy ending to report, but more of that later. After the Outlaw Saloon adventure we moved west to Reno. Stayed at the El Dorado ( again, a Priceline find) and wandered over to the Tractor Restaurant in Hurrah’s for a late dinner. Way too much food as the bacon infused waffle pile was mounded into a dish that was easily eight inches off the plate and the homemade hash platter was nearly as high with a tasty crab cake on top. We washed it all down with some corked Belgium, leaving the casino way too full.

The Happy Ending
But then, the happy ending. To wrap up things in an appropriate western way we stopped by the In and Out Burger in Daly City. It was on the way to the airport and finally have us a chance at a remarkable burger and collection of fries. Kyle tells me that the fries are cut just before they hit the fat and they tasted like it. We got the burgers “animal style” which added thousand island, onions, and some other needed additions. A great way to end the road trip.

Look for a normal Guys Night soon. Stay hungry.

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