Ribathon 2014

The 5th Annual Ribathon approaches. The date is set for Sunday, August 24th in our recent smoking home in Eagan. For a specific address to our event, email gno@mancuisine.com – We would love to have more competitors join the ranks!

Ribfest 2014

Here are the specifics this year:

It is that season – smoke, meat and eating! Join us for the rib fest to test our abilities in creating the best rib possible. Cooks will arrive in the morning, tasting happens at 5. Bring food to share and drinks to imbibe. Join us anytime within this range!

Bring something to share (beverage and/or food item) and your appetite.

Rules for the cooks:
Arrive as early as you need to serve at 5:00.
Find your own ribs-any cut.
All meat must be cooked onsite.
Prep(Cut)/Rub/Brine is okay in advance.
Must cook with coals. No gas or electric cooking.
Sauce can be prepared in advance, no store bought sauce.


Ribs to be served at 5

Every cook will assign one judge to rate all the ribs.
All other attendees will have the option to vote for their overall favorite.
Must be present to win!

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