Chilifest Results 2015

The competition was a great success this year. The average scores the contestants had were placed higher at this competition than previous ones – either the chefs are stepping their game up or you all are just loving what we make more and more! In total we had 42 people complete the scoring process, with many more in attendance to just taste what was made – including our competitors! Here is the highlights:

Highest rated chili overall, and the winner of the trophy: #1 Trevor with an average of 3.5/5

Runner up for the trophy: #6 Zane with an average score of 3.4/5

Hottest Chili: #3 Doug with an average heat rating of 4.1/5  [the highest average we had!]

Crowd Favorite, and the winner of the belt: Trevor, with 8/42 Votes [This category was very close across the chilis!]

Would you like to try your hand at being our guest chili competitor next year? Head over to this form and submit your name in the random entry. Multiple entries allowed. The winner will be selected and announced at this year’s Ribfest in August.

We tried a new online scoring system that worked wonderfully and allowed for quick tabulations of the votes. Our fellow statistitian Brad may have some insight posted soon, but for now we just wanted to get the results out to those who could not make it.

Thanks for coming,  and we will see you at the Ribfest in August (if not before then at the bar!), Competiting Members – Adam, Brad, Doug, Isaac, Jeff, Trevor, and our guest competitors.

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