Anchor Fish and Chips

Anchor is a place that we knew we would return to – check out this review of Anchor fish & Chips that we did in November of 2010. Very little has changed since our initial visit 5 years ago.

Got there early and was seated at the windows at the front. They do have a patio but it is limited to a 6 person maximum. As a warning to first-timers, they do not seat your group until all members are present so come together, come as a small group, or expect to wait a bit.

The kitchen is smaller than you would expect, but they do sell a lot of one item and when you do it as well as Anchor, there is not a lot of prep or space that is needed. The two of us ordered the Fish and Chips and could not get ourselves to try anything else. Their beer list has expanded in the last 5 years but the Nordeast by Premium is $1.50 less than the rest so we felt obligated to have those poured. The food was a bit over-salted, but it was undecided if that added to or retracted from the flavor. What we did decide on was that it was quick and quite delicious.

A visual sampler of what we ordered:

Their current menus: Drinks/Brunch – Meals/Sides

The Anchor Fish & Chips Website

  • Food: One Trick Pony (its in their name) 4/5
  • Atmosphere: A Cozy 4/5 
  • Drinks: 3.5/5
  • Overall: A Strong 4/5