Hazel’s Northeast

After calling in sick to work two days in a row I had to get out of the house and have someone make me more than the ramen broth and chicken I concocted on my own. Going to Hazel’s was the best move since laying on the couch a few days before in recovery (and quite possibly long before that).

Walking into Hazel’s at 11 on a Thursday ushered us into businesspeople in suits, grandpas taking their granddaughters out to eat, friends hugging as they come and as they go, and a loner watching over all of the above. We came right at the change of menus and the crowd was sparse but picked up as lunch came into full swing. This was apparent by our waitress being fast when unexpected and slow when needed – really the only setback in a great establishment.

The menu is ‘standard’ with its fares at lunch – sandwiches/burgers, salads, meals and sides. We ordered the Buffalo Chicken sandwich (4/5) and the Reuben (4.5/5). There were many items that we would go back for to try, like their burgers and bbq pork sandwich.

What we were greatly appreciative of was the variety of choices with the sides that come with the meal. More than just fries and salad, there was an abundance of options like the “chorizo, bean and potato chili” that would have been an honest competitor in our chilifest competitions.

Overall, this diner has what you look for – quaint atmosphere, good menu, and a variety of regulars.


  1. Food: 4.5/5
  2. Drinks: In absentia this trip – although they do have local beers on tap
  3. Atmosphere: 3/5 – family atmosphere with lots of art, but lacks character
  4. Overall: 4/5 – great food, good assortment of people, lousy service

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