Summit Brewing: Bohemian-Style Pilsener

What better way to celebrate National Lager Day and our first single beer review than to drink a hometown classic, Summit’s Pilsener. The beer is a family brew and we like that – the Summit’s founder has family in ND who grows all the grain for this brew.

It pours a crystal clear pale-gold in color with a frothy head. The beer is drinkable, and to quote the macro brew’s favorite word, the drinkability of this beer is immense. I brought this beer to a gathering recently and those present threw those back quicker than any other collection that was available in the coolers (which at this point in December, was the outdoors). The beer has a light aroma to it, like driving past a grain field right before the harvest and there has been no rain. After setting down the glass there was a light buttered caramel and spice from the hops that lingered in the mouth.

Overall, Summit’s Bohemian Style Pilsener is a 4/5. Light in body, and and a beer that is safe to order anywhere its offered.