Press Release – Chilifest 2016

February 27th, 2016 – Turtle Bread Longfellow

6:00 – Happy Hour
6:30 – Tasting and Judging

Ticket to enter: Bring to enjoy and share – a 6-pack or growler, a plate of cornbread, or another chili accompaniment. These events continue to be free as long as the organizers and participants leave happy and full of merriment and imbibition. Not too hard to do with this crowd. Continue Reading for more information:

Who will reign supreme? The members of mancuisine are bringing their A-Game and ready to battle it out on the tastebuds of those who dare to taste the heaven that is the chili the men concoct every year. This annual event brings in the best assortment of people – our friends and family!

We have 8 chili cooks selected for the challenge this year. Only one trophy goes home.

Doug – Middle name is ‘Crock Pot’, low and slow is his trademark.
Adam – His family loves chili so much they bleed chipotle powder.
Brad – Longtime competitor, longtime recipe testing; This year is his.
Trevor – Took home the trophy last year, he has a firm grip on it now.
Isaac – Cutting the cords of experiment and hitting the classics.
Jeff – Lost the trophy last year. Doesn’t plan to let it happen again.
Zane/Allie – Second time competing. Second chance to get out of second place.
Ken – Part of the family, itching to try his recipe for the first time, itching to win.