Two Brothers Heavy Handed IPA – Part 2

Before I start- please see Isaac’s post on this beer. I’ll leave out some of the details that he covered so well. And, for those just going us, we are in the 24 beers of Advent event. Day 1: Two Brothers Heavy Handed IPA.

2brosIt’s an IPA. No brainer, I close my eyes and imagine that I’m working the Imperial Railroad as we make our way through India. To get any kind of beer here it’s going to be heavily hopped to keep it from spoiling. I look at the glass the porter just poured for me and notice NO HEAD. Nonetheless I take a big swallow and taste a thick swill with some serious malt that is quickly washed away by heavy hops. A definite after bite makes me start to wonder if the hops taste will ever go away.

Lots of things going on in this beer. But, a great IPA needs to deliver both strong hops and flavor. Two Brothers is certainly on the way but there’s nothing remarkable here. In some ways it reminds me of many of the hop-silly brews of recent summers. Looking forward to trying something else from this brewery. For now I’ve got to give this bottle a 4/10.

Served at 34 degrees in my Will Steger pint glass. Bellhaven tomorrow. Been to Scotland, we’ll see how it goes.

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