Baderbrau – Chicago Pilsner

First thing of note: Before you open it, notice the word “Crushable” given as a complete sentence in its side. Not in reference to the can it resides in, but in reference to the liquid it holds. The phrase itself gives way to the memories (or absence of memories) of nights spent in old basements on college campuses and the lingering smell of this beer in the air. Yes, I would say this beer smells like college. Giving heed to the can, I decided to try to crush this beer and drink the whole thing in one go. Sorry Baderbrau, this beer is not “crushable”. I would have your marketing department try “$1 Happy Hour Worthy” instead.

Its not that this beer is bad. It is what it claims to be – easily drinkable. Its carbonated water with a barley insert. So the second thing of note: What makes this a Bohemian Pilsner? There is almost no head on the pour, there is no spice from the hops, and the flavor has no complexity to it. If they did use the Saaz hops required of the style, there is little lasting effects of its addition to the brew.

So, the final thing of note to this review: Chicago, you can keep your pilsner, the twin cities will continue to drink the bohemian pilsners here that truly represent the style.

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