Baderbreu – Chicago Pilsner

baderbrau-logoFull disclosure on this one- I am a bit of a pilsner snob. With so many mediocre American Lager/ Pilsners dominating the market for so many years I really do have a strong bias toward the great taste of traditional pilsners like the mighty Pilsner Urquell. Unfortunately, this “Chicago Pilsner” does not hold up.


Let me digress – Would a “Minneapolis” Pilsner be Grain Belt’s Nord’east? A St. Paul Pilsner be Hamm’s (the beer refreshing)? Both are reasonably tasty on a warm summer day and both much better than this Chicago entry. The Baderbreu simply lacks the crisp clarity of the pilsners I favor- it feels more like a lager of the mid-eighties variety.

This canned sample poured a good head but had little carbonation at 35 degrees, it did leave a nice lace on the sides of the Brooklyn Brewing shaker glass. If I see it on tap somewhere I’ll give it a second try, until then I’ll have to settle for the sold-out-to-the-big-guys Goose Island/ 312 options from the city of wind.

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