F-Town Brewing – American Red Ale

28 IBUs – 6.1% ABV – Caramel, Apple, Earthy, Floral, Earthy

This beer is a malt powerhouse. The color conveys it all, a deep red that has almost no visibility through the glass. There is a surprising faint aroma of caramel apple on the nose. Not heavy, but faint like a pie baked at the neighbors house. It is a basic beer, nothing to note on either side – good or bad.

New player in town. Located in Faribault MN, famous for their caves and F-Town is trying to make it famous for their beer as well. To me, it is an odd composition of a brewery saying they are going to be famous when they are also advertising that they need a head brewer as well…

This poured into a glass with no head, and low carbonation climbing the sides. Decent beer, but I might go for the Barley John’s Wild Brunette instead – both were high malt big beers but the Brunette had a better mix of flavors and balance of carbonation, hops and malt.

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