Weihenstephaner – Korbinian

“Brewed under the purity law of 1516”

We were fortunate to get this beer as a 24-pack (some of you following us in the beer advent have found a one-off or two due to not being able to find 24 of one type). Total Wine was unloading this case as we were coming around and the research we did on it had us tac this one into the list.

This Doppelbock has all that the style has to offer. Malty, toasty, boozy. It even has that bit of metallic twang at the end. There is a german restaurant in the area called the “Black Forest Inn” (and how do we not have a review of there on this site!?) that imbues the ideas I get while drinking this beer.

Story time: There was a winter a few years back where the twin cities were hit with snowstorm and proximity and a gift certificate had us push the snow aside as we opened the doors to the german joint we had heard so much about. A few regulars sat at the bar and we sidled up next to the least-drunk ones and ordered our first round and gravy-ridden appetizers. By the end of this drink, and a few that others sent our way, we were raising our mugs to the air and singing drinking songs of the motherland while snow continued to pile up outside. We left with a group of friends that night who we had never met before.

Thats what this beer tastes like to me. Easy – like a night spent staying warm and having conversations with people while eating wonderful food. But thats just me – whats your thoughts? Leave you comments below.

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