Crazy Mountain – Lava Lake Wit

In May of this year I married the most wonderful person. It was a ceremony that people will remember (it was 32 degrees out in the orchard) and a reception people may not (we went through over 2,000 bottles of beer). 3 months later we went on our honeymoon to Colorado and stayed at a house near Edwards in the Vail Valley. It was there that we stumbled upon, literally, Crazy Mountain Brewing Company.

In Denver, where they began, rent is not cheap and space is hard to come by. In Edwards, the “downtown” is the opposite. Crazy mountain expanded into the community a few years back and their remote brewing facility began and the taproom we found opened. Touring the area we always found our way back to this one – it was small, yet developed, engaging and tasteful – something you will find in this Wit.

Drinking this beer takes me to a barbecue, and in winter that is not an easy task, mentally. On the nose there is a hint of molasses, mixed in with marmalade and a light green fruitwood smoke. Drinking it does not give the same flavors – its botanical like my father’s garden, full of floral and herbs. So the whole package here is late summer with the cookout made with the fruits of the labor in the garden. Its like my favorite event – smökathon – that we put on every summer, full of flavors and experiences you may not expect.

While Wit may not be my favorite style by far, this beer does well in my book for what it does in my head, remind me that I am fortunate to have all of you with me. So from the pit to the garden I raise this glass to you – thanks, and happy trails.

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