One Chef's Ribs

Date and times set. The seven members of ManCuisine will flare on their smokers between 10 and noon this Saturday, August 27th. The eating and judging of these ribs will happen at 5 p.m. at team member Adam’s house @ 733 Hackmore Dr., Eagan.

Being Tech savvy gents, we decided to go on facebook this year to test the social waters. Click attend if you are going to join us on this momentous day!

A small crew headed out to South Minneapolis to eat at this smaller, younger sibling version of the Town Hall Brewery at seven corners. This relationship may come as a surprise to some as there is no word of this location in the elder brother’s not-so-easy-to-navigate web site – but  following those of a younger generation, they are on facebook: We were greeted outside, and then inside, the door by a run-down local who was looking for small change to ‘buy a pizza’ but watched intrigued as he left the premise to wander further into the neighborhood. As a likely host to most of the places we visit this was not a deterrent to us sitting down, and we were very pleased to have done so. A short wait found us to a booth in the back, properly padded and cleaned.

Top of their beer list are the brews Town Hall produces (and we immediately ordered our favorite – the Masala Mama [the other ones we are usually not impressed by]) and a great list of domestic and imported beers followed shortly thereafter. Once this place gets a Happy Hour going, we would be glad to visit here often.

The menu consists of the usual bar food: wings and fry types for appetizers with the addition of fried pickles, highly recommended. We had a few burgers, sandwiches and a cup of soup with no complaints across the table. The best addition to the menu would be the pressed sandwiches. With their bread coming from the famous bakery a few doors down, The Turtle Bread Company, each bite was pure gold. The burgers were very decent and were not as impeded by the odd pie plates used as their serving vessels as they would appear to at first sight.

The waitstaff were very eager to please and noticed us glancing at the beer list even before we were halfway done with what we had been served (we were even approached with a good amount of proper sarcasm when we asked a question about the menu – a definite plus!). Although the walking paths had some tight spots, the liveliness of the place allowed for unnoticed bumps and shuffles of people getting by. We liked the separation of the bar and seating area being only implied instead of concretely established and enjoyed being able to see a TV screen from our side to theirs as we had our moments of mastication to fill the inevitable silences therein.

If you are in the neighborhood, this is a definite stop you need to make, and make it soon.

You know about this place. Neighborhood joint with their own jucy lucy (note spelling), pictures of beer and paper dinnerware. Seems to us that those three items are the holy trinity of all fine eating establishments. Matt’s is the usual crowded small place with every age range and a fair number of solos just sitting around reading or writing or doing homework. Well worth the stop. (more…)