The Men / Contact

Adam – Able to wrestle any steak to the plate this gastronomic wonder is known to leap tall piles of meat and speed through lines of fries with aplomb. His fried donuts are legendary within the extended group. Adam’s  knowledge of formaldehyde levels in beer has been invaluable during outings to some of the more poorly lit establishments.

Brad (posts as bvillejohns)- Seasoned veteran of the university area food offerings with a good sense of why Scottish food is so bland. Walks the walk and forks the spuds but is not afraid to share his belief in herring as a fundamental food group and in mashed potato and herring as a reasonable sushi substitute.  Quite possibly the person most likely in the group to be called cutie by waitresses over 65.

Doug – Cut his gastronomic teeth during a lifetime of lunch breaks. Knows the food niches of the Twin Cities as well as E.O. Wilson knows the niches of rain forest moths. Doug has met the real juicy-lucy.  His courage in the face of half-pound burgers and the backside of a tray of spatzel is an inspiration to us all. The poster of him drawing contestants to a White Castle eating contest is equal to the F. Faucet flag poster in memory staying power.

Jeff (posts as thesansgaard) – Currently our most awarded member in both our Ribfest and Chilifest competitions, he married into the mancuisine crew, and in the words of Douglas Adams, “This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move [for the rest of us].” He views his cooking as Heroic and those who have had a taste from his grills know this to be true. He hails from Bloomington but travels to Mahtomedi daily, giving us a great resource of where to stop along that trail.

Isaac (posts as isaacoustic, – Scouring restaurants across the globe and filling his home with the scents of flavors found therein gives Isaac a cutting edge taste for food. While burgers may be his least favorite menu item, he gives the group a sense of culinary adventure as he often orders the off-menu items the kitchen loves to eat but the owners may not like to advertise. Currently resides in the North Minneapolis neighborhood and loves testing the new places around there.

– As Founding Father of the Steak Club in high school he demonstrated his life-long commitment to the creation and consumption of of quality eats.  Spent a few years in San Francisco to challenge the notion that healthy California cuisine may fill his ever growing belly, but will never fill his soul.  His move north to Washington will challenge his outdoor cooking in the city where it never stops raining.

 (posts as trevolve, This Gustie alum is our inter-family eater. An adventurous carnivore, not afraid to sample the sushi, the sauerkraut, or some Thai. Survivor of many an evening at Patrick’s in St. Peter he knows the meaning of local atmosphere. His fraternity proudly embraced the Big-Boy as a mascot. Need we say more?