The few bikers assembled on the back steps greeted us and asked how we were doing. After answering the other questions about name, quest, and color we were allowed to pass.  Looked like a classic neighborhood bar with some space to dance, play pool, and bang away at the pinball games. The music was loud but well selected and the bar was understaffed but more about that later. Did we mention the odd powder on the bathroom floor? The place seemed like might be a bit rough later at night but we left in good shape. (more…)

NOTE: This place is closed. We’ll let you know if we hear it’s open again.

Trevor found this place and we are SO glad. A neighborhood spot that had a busy take-out counter in the front and some tables in back. As soon as we sat down we knew we were in s great place.

A-J himself took care of us. A great gregarious guy with good humor and a great outlook. Enjoyed our time here very much.

Outstanding chicken, ribs and fixings. The usual fare for a ribs joint but even though we covered the menu not one meal missed the mark! Great food and plenty of it.

The take-out window was really busy, expect a crowd as people head home from work. The rush did not delay our food at all, simply push by the commuters and find a table.

You know about this place. Neighborhood joint with their own jucy lucy (note spelling), pictures of beer and paper dinnerware. Seems to us that those three items are the holy trinity of all fine eating establishments. Matt’s is the usual crowded small place with every age range and a fair number of solos just sitting around reading or writing or doing homework. Well worth the stop. (more…)


This is a throwback to the “best steak house” chain that was popular in this region through the eighties. I believe various members of a Greek family owned them all with a “soup nazi” meets ma kettle attitude about how restaurants should be run. The bridge best steakhouse at the u was a rare treat for a college commuter on his way to the car after a long day of classes and labs. (more…)