One Chef's Ribs

Date and times set. The seven members of ManCuisine will flare on their smokers between 10 and noon this Saturday, August 27th. The eating and judging of these ribs will happen at 5 p.m. at team member Adam’s house @ 733 Hackmore Dr., Eagan.

Being Tech savvy gents, we decided to go on facebook this year to test the social waters. Click attend if you are going to join us on this momentous day!

This year’s ribfest event is scheduled for the weekend of August 27 and the competitors are working hard on recipes and techniques. Trying to find the perfect blend of brine, rub and sauce (mop for you experts) is well underway. Thank goodness for the baby-back rib sale at Rainbow Foods and the plethora of tee shirts now splattered with sauces! Judges are mostly lined up with a fine selection of taste buds waiting in line. Isaac is refining the rules and will have them posted here soon.

The event is being held in the gentrification center of Minneapolis this year- the greater Uptown area. The back yard will be packed and the smell of hickory and mesquite will be in the air.

From where this participant sits my base is ready (referent for you experts still reading along) and three variants were tested today. The Masala inspired mix was a wash but the cajun and slow burn mixes were a hit. Now to tease the best from each and come up with a final blend that stays with the judges through the scoring. Perhaps a chemical reaction between something in the rub and something in the sauce? Wonder if they still sell pop-rocks? For other competitors looking for secrets all I can say is- lemon zest.  Of course the winning recipes and others will be posted on the site after the 27th just as we did with our chili creations.

Looking for an outstanding BBQ chicken recipe while waiting for ribfest? – Try this Beer Brined Chicken; it’s been a hit for all that have tried it.