For our Take Out Test Night we picked up a few growlers from local breweries. The reviews are as follows:

Dangerous Man Chocolate Milk Stout

Dangerous Man’s flagship beer. It There is a reason Dangerous Man has a packed taproom at night and has grown as it has, and its foundation is this beer. Rating: 4.5/5

From their web site: The Chocolate Milk Stout is pitch black with an off-tan head and a large, roast and chocolate aroma. Thick and creamy, the flavors in the CMS range from dark and milk chocolate, coffee, and toasted bread. Boosted with lactose additions, this beer is distinct for its rich and creamy chocolate flavors.

Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter

This is one of those beers that you question the idea behind it but enjoy the product that it created. Like one of the brewers had a chocolate milk stout and was making a peanut butter sammy and ‘accidentally’ dropped some into their beer and loved it. While it is a wonder to try, know that the flavor stays with you. After one pint I was burping up PB for days. Rating: 3.25/5

From their web site: Desserts fo sho. Get creative with other peanut dishes. Pair with caramelized meats, curry dishes, and Thai food.

Indeed Wooden Soul #3 – Cherry Sour Ale – 5.25%, 14 IBU

Brad’s response at the first moment of tasting: “This is a beer?!”. It has a surprising taste to it. I have worked at a bakery making cakes and pies and this beer tastes exactly like an all-butter crust fresh cherry pie. Delicious to try if you are into the sweet/sour beer combo. Lightly carbonated, grapefruit colored. Rating: 3.75/5

Indeed Derailed Imperial Double Dangerous Chocolate Nitro Whiskey Queen Milk Stout – 10%, 70 IBU

The name says it all. Really! Its an imperial double so you get the depth of deep roasted grain flavor. The whisky is slight but lingering in the mouth after drinking. The milk stout nitro combo makes it a smooth drink with a healthy head. The only downfall is the punch that it packs – this one is a sipper. Rating: 4.25/5

P.S. We tried making a black & tan style beer with the WS#3 and the PBP. Although the densities of the beer did not allow for the layering, the resulting beer taste was an eyebrow raising lip smacking adventure in mixology!