Although the entire group did not make the run to Nord’east Minneapolis a few of us stopped by Adelitas Mexican Restaurant on the way home from a wedding in Duluth. The side trip review follows.

It had been a long drive home and all of us were hungry so the decision was made to get something to eat on the north side of town. Scott suggested a place on Central Avenue and after a drive that would be hard to find again we ended up with a well executed parallel park in front of Adelitas. Looking up and down Central it seemed that there were many Mexican places to choose from, we’ll need to return to this area again soon.

The place was inviting and friendly with enough business to lift some road-weary spirits. The hostess was especially helpful, checking with us throughout the evening and bringing things forgotten or unchecked by the waitress. Although the time for the food to appear seemed long the dinners were great and far better than the average mexican plate served in the Twin Cities. The Molle de Olla soup was wonderful with a broth that easily had more flavor than any Pho soup we had eaten- but Mexican! The combination dinners were done well with just enough flavor/ heat. Meals ran $9-$12 with a few cheaper and a few more expensive. After the wedding reception we were not in the mood for beverages beyond water but there was a reasonable beer list provided. The Menu is available here.

Again, just a side trip but if you are looking for a better than average Mexican restaurant we found to be a bit of a gem, give this one a try. If traffic is good it is no more than five or six minutes from downtown and not far from HW 94 with easy access off Lowry. Well worth the drive.