republicThe crew had to find a burger joint where Isaac would finally find a burger that he could enjoy. After a brief search the crowd agreed that the Republic on Seven Corners might serve our needs. Mom earth helped by blessing us with a beautiful 75 degree evening and a West Bank campus full of students just excited to be able to be outside. It was tough to walk by the remarkable Town Hall Brewery on the way to the place.

IMG_0281Since we came for burgers the group covered the burger menu. Offerings from blue cheese to cheddar+bacon to Guac+Salsa and the fried egg topped wonder were all delicious with no complaints from the team. The side is lettuce (seriously) so we ordered the sweet potato fries and regular fries as sides. The side sauces were all good with the group loving the homemade sorta catsup sorta  vinagarette. Our concern with the place is that all burgers were in the 9 -12 dollar range which is fine for the hipsters and the urban elite but for regular guys looking for a great burger it seems a little silly, especially without some fried starch included in the price. It also seemed a bit odd for a college bar. But then, maybe that’s why college loans are so large these days.

On a more positive note, the beer selection was large and had a good run of local and not so local fermentations. Again, pricey with many pints running somewhere around $6-$8. Not a single Summit on the list which is always suspect in this area. Nonetheless, good selection and the flight of three 8 oz glasses for $10 was a good buy.

IMG_0282For those wondering, we believe that tIsaac is still searching for the good burger. His expectations are not high. A good burger will do. We are guessing that on our next outing he will once again find a good looking sandwich from the menu. Perhaps the rueben or some turkey concoction.

We had a great evening out with conversation running after sundown: and that counts for something. But in the future, when needing to meet someone on seven corners, there are a couple of better values available.